AI-Mining is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that is carried out to mine data in general (big data) and also data related to mining. However, a special case here is the case of mining data from various sensors packaged in one unit of AI-Mining hardware that detects various environmental features such as temperature, humidity, surrounding gases as well as radiation detection from potential areas, so that the obtained information can be valuable information for the environment and for the mining world in Indonesia in particular, both as an exploration and preventive effort in relation to work safety. AI-Mining products are then packaged digitally with Internet of Thing (IoT) support on the platform. This product was made with the support of the Matching Fund project at SWCU in 2021 entitled “Development of an AI-MINING Intelligent System for Sensor Data Acquisition” from the Kedaireka platform. To achieve this goal, Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) has solid and strong cooperation and partnership with PSTA BATAN Jogjakarta and PT Artha Pura Semesta Indonesia as well as PT Semesta Eltrindo Pura, which is an important source of strength that also contributes greatly to the sustainability of this activity.